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We'll work with you from selecting parts, body, neck, etc., to assembling and setting up your very own guitar custom built to your specs!

We got it covered!

We'll handle all the ordering of your parts and give expert advice on what's best for you!

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I have been custom building guitars for pro players for years.

With 20 years of live performance experience, I know exactly what it means to walk on stage with a bulletproof axe you know you can trust.

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-Domenic Frizzi

Third Floor Guitars

Jimmy Dennis Telecaster Build

Jimmy Dennis is one of the guitarists for "Draw the Line", the only Aerosmith tribute band endorsed by Steven Tyler.

He wanted a Telecaster he could take on the road and rely he gave us a call!

Hey.....nice body!

We happened to have this pre-owned ash Warmoth body in stock and it was love at first sight!

Pros know what they want!

Jimmy laid out his expectations before we turned a screw. He required a guitar that would stay in tune, have as little hum/buzzing noise as possible, and a very specific scooped mid-range tone. He also wanted a rosewood board with 22 frets. No prob!

Let the build begin!

First up, we shielded the cavities to guard against unwanted stage hum.

Then we wired up an electrosocket jack, can't have no pesky nuts coming loose!

We then mounted a Joe Barden bridge with Wilkinson compensated saddles.

After some research, we decided on DiMarzio pickups- a FastTrack T in the bridge (wired for coil splitting) and a Twang King for the neck.

Nut, neck, tuners...

We fabricated a bone nut from scratch to add to the 22 fret, 9.5 radius Mighty Mite neck and some Gotoh vintage-style tuners.

From the bench to the stage!

Jimmy will be on tour for all of 2018 with Draw the Line, playing clubs, concerts, cruises and a trip to Europe with his trusty TFG built Tele by his cool is that!